DALLAS, TEXAS,  April 24, 1991



          Dallas, a city which has experienced the dreadful assassination of President Kennedy and its disastrous aftermath, can ill afford the path that it is taking in City Hall.  In addition to the potential of an all-out racial conflict that is mounting, an old malignant sore is now reappearing in the form of anti-Semitism and the use of Jewish scapegoats.  The "Welcome Kennedy" advertisement (Exhibit 1a & 1b) as a full page in the Dallas Morning News the day President Kennedy was killed, used a Jewish name as the instigator of the ad.  Not until a few years ago was it revealed that Bernard Weisman was hired by Dallas locals.  The ad was paid for by two local businessmen still active in local politics and mainstays of he Dallas "Old Guard."  With all this in mind,  A.L.A.R.M. demands that Mayor Strauss be further investigated and if found to be culpable be held accountable for her misdeeds. 

              Before proceeding with this report.  I briefly counseled with the City Attorney's Office to see if  this action was appropriate.  A hypothetical situation, which we believe is analogous to this case, was presented to Don Postell, an assistant city attorney, who deals with City Council problems.  He remarked that the councilman in the hypothetical would be guilty of a crime.  This otherwise meaningless precaution was taken to show our good faith in presenting this report. 

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          The Dallas City code contains the Code of Ethics to be followed by members of the City Council.  Section 2-121 Policy states:

          (a)  It is hereby declared to be the policy o the City that the proper operation of democratic government requires that:  (1) public officials and employees be independent, impartial and responsible only to the people of the city.

Section 2-122 Standard of Conduct states:

          (a) An officer or employee of the City shall not:

                    (2) Use his official position to secure special privileges or exemptions for himself or others.  Finally, Section 2-124 Penalty for violations states:

          (a) The failure of any officer or employee to comply with this article or the violation of one or more of the Standards of Conduct set forth which apply to him shall constitute grounds for expulsion, reprimand, removal from office or discharge.  (Exhibit 2)  Emphasis has been added.


          This investigation has been ongoing full-time since February 11, 1987,  two months before Mrs. Strauss was elected Mayor.

          This report is filed by Marvin  Kramer who is an attorney licensed in Texas and Florida.  He has been a former assistant district  attorney in Jacksonville, Florida and a former Treasury attorney in the IRS Regional Counsel's Office in Dallas, Texas with Enforcement Section experience.  In 1967, he was confirmed by Congress to be Deputy Chief of the Office of Emergency Planning, which included the Departments of Civil Defense and the Strategic Stockpiling of Material (oil reserves).  In the Dallas/Ft. Worth area he has held positions as the General Counsel for Gordon McLendon's McLendon Corporation and Tax Counsel for Eddie Childs' Western Company of North America.  Both of whom are

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known nationally for their ultra-conservative political views.  In 1969, Mr. Kramer was accepted for membership at Preston Trail Country Club around the same time as Robert Strauss, the Mayor's brother-in-law and former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee,  made his strategic political moves using Preston Trail Country Club as his national calling card.  Mr. Kramer declined his membership acceptance when he discovered that formal quotas had been set-up for Jewish membership.  As you can see, Mr. Kramer is exceptionally qualified to focus in on the activities of the Strauss family.

          Additional evidence is available and copies are in the hands of various unnamed individuals for security reasons.  These sources have 100% of the information and documents collected by Mr. Kramer.   No testimony from Mr. Kramer is needed for the further investigation or the possible prosecution of this case.  The evidence will speak for itself.


          The political treachery presently being carried out in Dallas, today, is almost a carbon copy of Lyndon Johnson's shenanigans during the Democratic National Convention in 1964.  The following is an excerpt from "We Are Not Afraid," the story of the murders of Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney and the Civil Rights Campaign in Mississippi which has just been released:  (See Exhibit 3a)

          "But Johnson's most cunning maneuver was to co-opt Hubert Humphrey-one of the nation's most respected mainstream liberal politicians by holding his nomination for vice president hostage  to the satisfactory resolution of the Mississippi controversy.  With this one move, the president effectively robbed the Freedom Democrats of their major support  within the Democratic Party-the liberals who backed Humphrey and trusted him to pursue a morally and politically correct course on any civil rights issue."

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During that convention and for years afterward, Robert Strauss was a Johnson confidant.  When the President wanted a political matter handled in Dallas, "Bob" Strauss was the man he called.

          We submit for the past four years, the voting controversy over 10-4-1 and 14-1 ( one man, one vote) has been influenced by an almost exact replication of the maneuvering at the Democratic National Convention twenty-five years ago.  Our investigation reveals the following:

..........Someone  high-up in the Bush Justice Department has maneuvered to co-opt Robert Strauss,  (whose sister-in-law is the Mayor of Dallas who was elected by the support of the minority community) by holding him hostage over his son's possible prosecution by the Justice Department until the satisfactory resolution of the Dallas controversy .............defeat of one man, one vote.  (See Exhibit 3b)

The only additional  factor in this scenario was the need for the creation of the Jewish Community as a scapegoat to shield the Anglo community from the minority backlash. Mayor Strauss was just the person to do it.

          Exhibit 4, is an article dated November 18, 1990, which appeared in The Dallas Times Herald.  It discusses Robert Strauss's intervention for Starke Taylor's  son in 1986 with the Office of Thrift Supervision in Dallas.  During my original appearance before the City Council on February 11, 1987, I addressed the relationship between former Mayor Starke Taylor's son and Mrs. Strauss's nephew, Richard Strauss.  (See Exhibits 5, 6a, 6b, & 6c)

          In August of 1989 (Exhibits 7a & 7b) Rep. Henry Gonzalez, Chairman of the House Banking Committee directed congressional investigators to look into the activities of Richard Strauss.  (See Exhibit 7c-Involvement by the Mayor's husband, Ted Strauss)

          Last week I discussed the possibility of Rep. Gonzalez renewing his investigation with a local  Hispanic leader.  This additional information is needed to find out the current status of Richard Strauss with the Justice Department.

          Back on February 11, 1987, I wanted to know was there going to be a possible conflict when I signed-up to address the City Council.

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Before I could confront the Mayor concerning the relationship between her nephew and Starke Taylor's son, she excused herself from the City Council meeting by addressing the other members in front of the public audience that she had a TOOTHACHE.  This occurred 15 minutes before she was to be confronted by me on the 11th.  Starke Taylor remained and when I brought up the connection, he blurted out "watch where you're going with that."  Later during the session, he had me removed without any proper provocation.  When I confronted him again two weeks later in front of the City Council, he denied having me removed.  All he had to do was push a button.  The other Council members knew what he had done.  (Council members Palmer, Evans, Lipscomb, and Ragsdale were present, See Exhibit 8).   Council member, Ms. Palmer, commented to me in front of the public audience:  "You're welcome back, but the next time you better come with the facts."

          The Mayor has described her relationship with Robert Strauss as that of a best friend and not just a brother-in-law.  However, when she announced her "Kitchen Cabinet" (Exhibit 9) on the day she was first elected Mayor, Robert Strauss was not included. He was represented by a "front man."  See Exhibit 10 where Mrs. Strauss admitted to her conflict of interest with Robert Strauss in 1988 and removed herself from voting on the new amphitheater.   Why hasn't she been willing to reveal this more serious conflict of interest?

          If my contentions are correct the Mayor's actions the past two years involving the 10-4-1 and 14-1 controversy have been directed to exempt her nephew from prosecution by the Justice Department which is a direct violation of Standard of Conduct (2) under the Code of Ethics.

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           The use of the Jewish Community as a shield against the Minority Community backlash is well in place.  Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman spent a whole sermon three months ago discussing the anti-Semitism in the minority community and especially in City Hall.  He's the Mayor's rabbi.

          The chronology of how this has come about will be discussed before the Council today.  Discussed at  that time will be the Mayor's failure to create a confrontation over Ariel Sharon's visit to Dallas; her attempts to anger the minority community by her 14-l Campaign Committee; appealing Judge Buckmeyer's decision; lying to the Southern Christian Leadership Council about dropping the appeal; and finally slandering Judge Buchmeyer in an attempt to take attention away from her own misdeeds.


          This report is supplemented by the following exhibits:

Exhibit #11  Invitation to Israeli Ariel Sharon put on hold, The Dallas Times Herald 12/22/1989

Exhibit #12  14-1 backers have themselves to blame for defeat, Editorial by Philip Seib, The Dallas Morning News 12/12/1990

Exhibit #13  Minorities threaten to boycott, The Dallas Morning News 3/1/1991

Exhibit #14  Strauss admits to lying, Mayor says judge told her to deny discussions of 14-1, The Dallas Morning News 4/3/91

Exhibit #15  Strauss remarks on suit spur contempt request, The Dallas Times Herald 12/31/1987   (Possible contempt motion against the Mayor for violating the Gag order.  Her comment: "I did not see that my comment has anything to do with what might be proceeding in the case."  She further said, "the one thing had already happened, and the other was just a general statement about my confidence in City Attorney Analeslie Muncy..........." A Judge sure didn't stop her from speaking three years ago.

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          A. L. A. R. M. in conclusion hereby submits this Report to the Dallas City Council with the following proposals:

          (1)  Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate our allegations of misconduct by the Mayor.

          (2)  In the alternative or in addition, request the Dallas District Attorney to initiate an investigation of the Mayor's office.

          (3)  In the alternative or in addition, consider a resolution requesting the immediate resignation of the Mayor, before the City of Dallas is burdened by a Recall Election.

          If the Mayor has committed the misdeeds as alleged above, her announced retirement cannot be an excuse for the citizens of Dallas not to obtain JUSTICE.  REVENGE is not an acceptable alternative.

                                                                                                                               Marvin G. Kramer, Director

                                                                                                                               A. L. A. R. M.

Dallas, April 24, 1991

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